Monday, March 29, 2010

FUNdraiser April 11

SHIFT is close to celebrating ONE FULL YEAR in existence! A special binder is currently being prepared to show off all that our group has accomplished in this time, including bringing you nationally-renowned speakers, engaging peer and community discussions and events, and being recognized by the University as "an important and valuable student group," as Student Group of the Month for January 2010!

This group has an amazing foundation and we encourage you to take this month of April to consider all that it has been and will be for you, and for the University of Utah campus for years to come ~ what an asset to our diverse community it is!

To commence the month of April as our 1st Annual Donation Drive, we are offering you the most delicious Baked Goods you can imagine! Please come on Sunday, April 11 at noon (before our regular general Sunday Meeting) in the Student Union near the Ballroom, to donate what you feel you are able to keep this group running smoothly, and to enjoy a lunch of champions!

Please RSVP on the Facebook Page if you would like to pre-order! There will be plenty for everyone, so, bring your family, your friends, everyone you know! See you Sunday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

March Madness

After ending February on the right note with our very successful Austin Dacey event, SHIFT has had several social events this month, with more to come. First, we had a bowling social on 3/7, during which we had great conversation and ate cookies and donuts, while bowling in the bowling alley of the Union Building. Next, on 3/14, at the suggestion of group member Jeff Jenkins, we celebrated Pi Day (seeing as mathematics are one of the few things in the universe that can be proven true) by going to The Pie for pizza. We gathered first at the Union for our usual Sunday meeting and left as a group at 1:59 (pi = 3.14159) for The Pie, where we ate delicious pizza and cheese pull-aparts, and enjoyed interesting conversation. Finally, in order to start Spring Break off right, we gathered on 3/20 in the Union Building theater for a screening of the movie Religulous, which incited much laughter and some enlightening conversation afterward. Many brought snacks to share with everyone, including some atheist cookies (square soft cookies with white icing and the scarlet atheist 'A' on them), provided by group member Zach Stevenson's aunt from her in-home bakery called Just Sweets Bakery, and they were great! This Saturday (3/27), some of us will be meeting at a local restaurant for a social lunch (exact time and location TBD), seeing as we will not be having our usual Sunday meetings until after Spring Break. I hope you can join us for lunch this Saturday (keep an eye on our facebook page for details) and for the great events that will take place during the month of April, including a combined social event SHIFT will be having with SHAFT, our sibling group from Utah State University, for which we will be having a picnic and enjoy other outdoor activities (specific date and location TBD, so keep an eye on our facebook page for details).