Friday, September 25, 2009

Humanists of Utah Discussion Group

Vice-president, Jason Cooperrider, and treasurer, Shawn Thomas, attended the Humanists of Utah (HoU) discussion group last night (9/24). The group of 10 people met at the First Unitarian Church (600 S. 1300 E.) to discuss the recent article "Profiles of the Godless," which analyzes some of the shared and differing characteristics among the different types of nonreligious people (several copies of the article will be available at the next SHIFT meeting for those who are interested). The discussion was very entertaining and enlightening, lasting from 7:30 until around 9:00. While much of the discussion did focus on various interesting aspects of the article, there was also a great deal of banter about personal stories and opinions, ranging from the existence of other intelligent life in the universe, to the reasons why those present had abandoned religion and how that has affected their lives. The discussion group meets once a month on Thursday at 7:00 (check the HoU website for specific dates) in room RE 201 of the First Unitarian Church. The HoU members were excited to see participation from younger people at the discussion group and were very accommodating.

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