Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baha'i Interfaith Devotional

Yesterday at Plaza Fest, as the Interfaith Liason of SHIFT, I stopped by various tables and spoke with representatives of many Faith Groups on campus. I was so pleased to learn what they are doing to coordinate efforts with each other and engage the community in service for good!

I hope that many in our group can find the time to join them in their discussions and activities - in a respectful and engaging manner - so that we, as Secular Humanists, can become better represented among faith groups as community members focused on bettering humanity as well! We of non-faith have no good reason to disengage from our communities because of others' professions of faith in higher beings. I hope you agree!

This Thursday, January 28, 2010 I hope you will join the Baha'i Campus Association in their first Interfaith Campus Devotional of the Spring 2010 semester - the topic is "Economic Prosperity of Humanity," a discussion in which we very well can engage! This will be held from 7:30 - 9:00 pm in Room 319 of the Student Union Building.

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